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Technical processes: online, world-wide and around-the-clock.
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  • 9 Oct, 22:03
    Langmann Administrator
    Presentation on the 4. VDI conference Industry 4.0 more...
  • 2 Oct, 21:46
    Langmann Administrator
    New contribution in a Springer journal more...
  • 8 Jan, 11:48
    Langmann Administrator
    CPS Integration Platform WOAS is updated more...
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The Duesseldorf Telelaboratory (DT) is an R&D institution for development and practical testing of new remote engineering concepts for complex technical systems as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Industry 4.0 solutions and will be carried on by the CCAD of the University of Applied Sciences Duesseldorf.

Services and products of the Duesseldorf Telelaboratory

  • Web-based automation of systems, machines and devices
  • Remote service solutions for mobile and stand-alone systems
  • Internet-available learning systems and training content
  • Telepresence support (WEBCAM, online process data access)
  • Integration of multimedia (video, audio, virtual reality)
  • Technical Web design and layout
  • Operation and maintenance of remote labs incl. evaluation

Beyond that the DT offers a test environment for CPS & Web-based solutions of automated machines and systems based on Lean Web automation .

PDF What's Lean Web Automation?

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